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Year: 2020, Volume: 10, Issue: 3, Page no. I-II,
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It gives me immense pleasure to place volume 10 and issue 3 of RJPS (Jul-Sep 2020).

After witnessing the gory scenes of misery, anxiety, death and mass burying, hoards of funeral pyres of Covid pandemic, I felt to take up the above title of stress free life in my editorial. Man has shown both his extremely good face as well his ugly face that too very shamelessly. Some have stretched their hands beyond their limits and helped by all means in the form of food, money, essential food grains, and other commodities from foot wears to arranging their journeys back to their homes. At the same time some have crossed all their limits in stooping themselves with reference to stocking vaccines, stashing essential medicines, dealing with adulterated medicines, duplicate medicines, hoarding oxygen supplies, extorted at crematoriums, resale of clothes from dead bodies from burial grounds, abused ambulance services, involved in bed blocking episodes. The true colour of relations was also witnessed wherein offspring refused to cremate their own parents or of kith and kin, and at the same time some unknown hands were reaching out in shouldering to cremate orphan bodies. Some demoniacs have stolen the valuables of bedridden patients either when alive or even after their death by opening the sealed bodies. Some have fallen even to lower levels of women harassments and some were busy in spreading the disease either knowingly or unknowingly. Of course this can be a contemporary issue for causing stress. I will give a brief overview of permanent issues also as limitation of length of editorial should not be violated.

The usage of chemicals in agriculture fields from vegetables to fruits to food grains is rampant. The cascading effects of these deadly chemicals sprayed can be very well witnessed on health of human beings as well animals. Today we hear about cancer train in Punjab wherein patients travel to other places where medical facilities are available. From where such rampant spread of cancers came? The reason can be polluted fields due to chemicals sprayed, polluted rivers, industrial wastes/dyes/colors/washings/emissions reaching rivers and other water bodies. One of the studies reveals on an average 350-500 chemicals including microplastics found in human/animal organs. These chemicals and foreign bodies induce hormonal imbalances, affect fertility and induce physical deformities in the form of malformed organs or overall stunted growth or improperly formed or ill functioning organs as well cause mental retardation. Aluminium toxicity is not new as aluminium vessels and cookers have reached homes since decades. It is like what we sow-so we reap because we have stressed land, waters and food, we get back the same in the form of diseases/disorders. Our other stress inducers are electronic devices in the form of computers, mobiles, television, audio devices and other gadgets. They cause eye complications, cervical/lumbar spondylosis, obesity, irritation, headaches, exhaustion due to long hours spent with them and loss of thinking capacity either scientific or literary. As long as we are involved with these gadgets including television watching, the mind stops its original thinking and at the end of the day we become a sick lot.

Other nuisance factor for stress induction can be due to junk food, binge eating, leading to consumption of excess quantity of salts, spices, sugars all causing irreparable damage to health. It can be very well witnessed around especially in the youth who are future of this world.

Therefore is it not the time to travel back to nature and shun all the chemical loaded fruits or food grains, plastics (I had written about plastics with more details earlier too) and begin organic farming, ban plastics, avoid junk foods, use the electronic gadgets minimally and lead a healthy and stress free life. We need to spend time with nature and meditate and our wavelength should match with nature should be conducive for natural growth and not a prematured growth. We should cutdown our wants and begin quality life with high thinking and simple living by possessing what is needed. Our ancestors had survived since ancient times with these natural farming, natural fruits, vegetables, pure milk and holding really necessary housing, clothing and accumulation of necessary gadgets rather than extravaganza.

I take this opportunity to thank the honorable vice chancellor Dr.S.Sacchidananda, Dr.B.- J.Mahendra, director Prasaranga, Dr.Dayanand M. Director Advanced Research and the entire editorial team for the support and encouragement.

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