Editorial Board
Advisory Board
  • Dr. M. K. Ramesh

Hon. Vice Chancellor, RGUHS, Karnataka

  • Mr. Shivaprasad P R (IAS)

RGUHS, Karnataka

  • Dr. Riyaz Basha

Registrar Evaluation
RGUHS, Karnataka

  • Mr. Manjunath Hegde, KSAS

Finance Officer, RGUHS, Karnataka

  • Dr Suja K Sreedhar 

Deputy Director, Advanced Research, RGUHS, Karnataka

Editor in Chief

Dr. P. S. Shankar 
Emeritus Professor of Medicine,
KBN Institute of Medical Sciences,
Deepti, Behind District Court,
Email: drpsshankar@gmail.com


Dr Ramesh Bhat M 
Professor of Dermatology
Fr. Muller Medical College
Email: rameshderma@gmail.com  

Associate Editors

Dr Leelavathy,
Professor of Dermatology,
Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Medical College Rresearch
Institute, Bangalore

Dr Shivaranjini,
Professor of Medicine,
BMCRI, Bangalore

Assistant Editor

Dr Wilma Dalphina Silvia
Professor and Head, Department of
Biochemistry, Bowring & Lady Curzon Medical
College & Research Institute, Bengaluru
Email ID: biochemaimsrcwds@gmail.com

Dr Sudhir Naik
Professor and Head, Department of
ENT,Head&Neck Oncosurgery,
Oxford Medical College &
Research Hospital, Bengaluru

Dr Ranganath TS
Professor & Head,Community Medicine,
Bangalore Medical College & Research
Institute, Bangalore
Email: tsranga@gmail.com

Editorial Members

Dr. Afzal Khan 
AK Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology
MVJ Medical College & Research Hospital, Hoskote,
Email: drafzalkhan4u@gmail.com

Dr. Anuradha K 
Professor and Head, Department of Microbiology
Mysore Medical College & Research Institute,
Email: drkanuradha@yahoo.com

Dr Sithalaxmi S
Professor & Head, Department of Transfusion Medicine
St.John’s Medical College & Hospital,
Email: slvbs@yahoo.co.in

Dr. Rajshekar I Koujagi 
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine,
Bidar Institute of Medical Sciences,
Email: rajshekharik@gmail.com

Dr. Sanjeeva G N 
Associate Professor of Paediatrics
Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health,
Email: sanju.gn26@gmail.com

Dr Jagadeesh N 
Professor and Head, Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Vydehi Institute of Medical Science & Research Centre,
Email: forensicjagadeesh@gmail.com

Dr. Geetha C R 
Professor & Head, Dept. of Anaesthesiology,
MS Ramaiah Institute of Medical Sciences,
Email: jageedha@yahoo.com

Dr. Ravikiran Kisan 
Associate Professor of Physiology
Kodagu Institute of Medical Sciences,
Email: drravikirankisan@gmail.com

Dr. Arvind Kumar B Sangavi 
Associate Professor, Department of ENT,
Raichur Institute of Medical Sciences,
Email ID: info@rims-raichur.com


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