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Year: 2018, Volume: 10, Issue: 2, Page no. 1-2, DOI: 10.26715/rjds.10_2_1
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With this issue, I complete my role as Editor-in-Chief of the RGUHS Dental journal. It has been a privilege, honour and an enriching experience to serve in this capacity and to have had the opportunity to reiterate the strong foundation established by my predecessors. There is a sense of pride for being part of the success, and indeed great relief with the mission accomplished.

In farewell, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the University for letting my team contribute to the RGUHS Dental journal and thank all the people who have contributed to its success:

At the outset, I have a deep sense of gratitude to the then honourable vice chancellor Dr K S Rabindranath for reposing faith in our team, for his leadership and support. I am also thankful to the subsequent vice chancellors Dr M K Ramesh, Dr S Sacchidanand and all the Registrars, for their support. Thanks are due tothe Department of Prasaranga, its director, Dr. Mahendra B J and staff for their assistance and hard work.

I am indeed indebted to Dr Mohammad Fiazuddin, my mentor and chief advisor of the journal for the tremendous inspiration and timely advice given to me ever since I took over as the editor of the journal.

These issues published would not have seen the light of the day, without the coherent effort of my team. During my term, I was very fortunate to work with dedicated and hard-working team of associate editor Dr Suma S, Assistant Editors Dr Sunil and Dr Veena S Pai, who have set a high bench mark of efficiency and quality. Handling the large number of submitted manuscripts, providing good-quality reviews, and having a fast turn-around time would not have been possible without the great sense of professionalism and prompt action taken by them. The success of this journal is a testimony to their commitment. To all of you, my sincere thanks for job well done. I also wish to acknowledge the contributions made by all the dedicated members of our Editorial Board.

Another important group of people that deserve to be thanked is the group of reviewers of the journal. Thanks to all the reviewers for their prompt and detailed reviews. Your good work has been highly appreciated and we count on your continued service to the journal.

Many authors have submitted their high-quality work and waited for a long time before it was published. Thank you all for your excellent contributions and patience.

I would like to thank all the readers for their interest in the journal and encourage them to continue sending invaluable feedback and ideas for further improvement of the journal Thanks are due to my family for their unconditional support.

I am confident that the incoming Editor -in -chief and team will continue the legacy and lead the journal to further heights .I wish them great success in their endeavour. I hope that the journal will continue to be a stimulating and useful resource for many years to come.

On behalf of the entire editorial board, I wish all of you a wonderful year ahead!

Dr. Roopa R. Nadig


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