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Welcome To RGUHS Journal of Allied Health Sciences

RGUHS Journal of Allied Health Sciences is an official scientific, peer reviewed, and open access journal affiliated to RGUHS, Bangalore, Karnataka. RGUHS  Journal of Allied Health Sciences is published tri-anually (April, August,  December) for publishing original research work of healthcare professionals in Allied Health Sciences by providing a new platform.

Message From The Desk of Vice-Chancellor

It is with great pleasure, that I acknowledge the release of the 1 st issue of 2022 of the RGUHS Journal of Allied Health Sciences

RGUHS Journal is a showcase of ingenuity, innovation and constructive research of faculty and students of this university. Journal publication is expected to benefit the university in many ways it brings scholarly recognition and credibility to the university, it would also contribute for the career development of faculty and researchers. These new ideas, research and development activities finally translate into overall development of community and society at large.

I whole heartedly appreciate the efforts of the Editors in Chief, Editorial board members and M/S Health Minds consultants Pvt Ltd who have put untiring efforts to bring out this Journal.

I would also like to congratulate and thank all the authors who have contributed towards this Journal

Dr. M. K. Ramesh

Vice Chancellor